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2 de mai de 2014 - Before connecting the air hose to the air connection, pour 2 to 3 oz. ... The tool is shipped from the factory with a standard 3/4” NPT male inlet ...

04581591 Edition 2 May 2014

Air Percussive Drill JRD50

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Rock Drill Oil



EN Product Safety Information Intended Use: The Series JRD50 Jackhamer is capable of drilling 2 inch (51 mm) diameter holes up to 15 feet (4.6 m) deep in medium to hard rock. It is particularly suitable for construction work, medium industrial maintenance work and for general utility work in quarries and mines. For additional information refer to Product Safety Information Manual Form 04584975. Manuals can be downloaded from

Installation and Lubrication Size air supply line to ensure tool’s maximum operating pressure (PMAX) at tool inlet. Drain condensate from valve(s) at low point(s) of piping, air filter and compressor tank daily. Install a properly sized Safety Air Fuse upstream of hose and use an anti-whip device across any hose coupling without internal shut-off, to prevent hose whipping if a hose fails or coupling disconnects. See drawing 16572133 and table on page 2. Maintenance frequency is shown in circular arrow and defined as h=hours, d=days, and m=months. Items identified as: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Air filter Regulator Lubricator Emergency shut-off valve Hose diameter

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Thread size Anti-whip device Oil Safety Air Fuse

Air Supply Connections Always use clean, dry air. Dust, corrosive fumes and/or excessive moisture can ruin an air tool. An air line filter can greatly increase the life of an air tool. The filter removes dust and moisture. Use quality hose designed for rock drill service. Rock drill hose is constructed with an outer covering that resists abrasive wear and an oil resistant inner tube capable of withstanding the heat of compressed air. Quality hose has a working pressure safety factor of at least 4 to 1 in relation to burst. When using new air hose, blow lubricated air through the hose for a duration of time that is long enough to completely coat the inside with oil.

WARNING Attach safety cables across hose couplings & fittings and install safety locking pins or clips on coupling to prevent whipping air hoses. Blow out the main air supply hose to get rid of moisture, rubber particles and dirt before attaching the hose to the tool.

WARNING Compressed air is dangerous. When blowing out an air hose, hold it firmly and point it away from personnel and equipment. Never blow your clothes free of dust with compressed air.



EN Before connecting the air hose to the air connection, pour 2 to 3 oz. (.06 to .09 L) of Rock Drill Oil into the inlet. The tool is shipped from the factory with a standard 3/4” NPT male inlet thread. Make sure all hoses and fittings are the correct size and are tightly secured. See diagram Dwg. 16572133 on page 2 for a typical piping arrangement. Air Requirements An air compressor of sufficient capacity is needed to provide the necessary volume of air at the most efficient operating pressure to ensure effective and economical operation of the jackhamer. The air requirements represent air pressure at the jackhamer inlet and not at the compressor. There is always a certain amount of pressure drop between the compressor and the jackhamer; only the pressure and volume at the tool is effective in doing work. If a hose is relatively short and
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