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03528072 Edition 8 May 2014

Air Percussive Hammer 132

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48h PMAX









(Dwg.16576175) 5

1 2 3




IR # - NPT

IR # - BS

inch (mm)


IR #

IR #




5/16 (8)






EN Product Safety Information Intended Use: These Air Percussive Hammers are designed for hammering, punching, cutting, chipping and scraping material through repetitive application of linear impacts of a tool steel that is retained and driven by the Hammer. For additional information refer to Product Safety Information Manual Form 04581450. Manuals can be downloaded from

Prior to Use WARNING • Do not lubricate tools with flammable or volatile liquids such as kerosene, diesel or jet fuel. Use only recommended lubricants. • Use only proper cleaning solvents to clean parts. Use only cleaning solvents which meet current safety and health standards. Use cleaning solvents in a well ventilated area. Tools are coated inside and out with rust-resisting oil before leaving the factory. Before using the tool, remove this oil by dipping the tool in a suitable cleaning solution to wash the oil from the exterior. Pour about 6 cm3 of a clean, suitable, cleaning solution into the air inlet and operate the tool for about 15 seconds. Dry the tool immediately after cleaning, pour 3 cm3 of Ingersoll Rand No. 10 Oil into the air inlet and again operate the tool for 5 seconds to lubricate all working parts.

Product Specifications Model

Type of Handle

Blows per Minute


Pistol Grip


Stroke Length Inch (mm) 4 (101)

WARNING Sound and vibration values were measured in compliance with internationally recognized test standards. The exposure to the user in a specific tool application may vary from these results. Therefore, on site measurements should be used to determine the hazard level in that specific application.



EN Installation and Lubrication Size air supply line to ensure tool’s maximum operating pressure (PMAX) at tool inlet. Drain condensate from valve(s) at low point(s) of piping, air filter and compressor tank daily. Install a properly sized Safety Air Fuse upstream of hose and use an anti-whip device across any hose coupling without internal shut-off, to prevent hose whipping if a hose fails or coupling disconnects. See drawing 16576175 and table on page 2. Maintenance frequency is shown in a circular arrow and defined as h=hours, d=days, and m=months of actual use. Items identified as: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Air filter Regulator Lubricator Emergency shut-off valve Hose diameter

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Thread size Coupling Safety Air Fuse Oil Oil - before starting, into air inlet

Note: Before storing the tool or leaving idle exceeding 24 hours: - Pour 3 cm3 of IR # 10 oil into air inlet and run tool for 5 seconds. Note: If the action of the tool becomes sluggish: - Pour 3 cm3 of cleaning solution into air inlet and run tool for 30 seconds. - Immediately after flushing the tool, pour 3 cm3 of oil into air inlet and run tool for 30 seconds.

Parts and Maintenance When the life of the tool has expired, it is recommended that the tool be disassembled, degreased and parts be separated by material so that they can be recycled. Origina